The Quiet Co

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Today we are chatting with Emily Thring, founder of The Quiet Co., a pop up meditation studio, and instructor of our upcoming Superfood Latte and Nutmilk Workshop

What inspired you to start The Quiet Co?

I learned to meditate 6 years ago and I wanted a space I could drop in to support my practice in a group environment. Nothing like that existed in Toronto and after lots of contemplation, I decided to create a community for modern meditators to fit some quiet it into their busy lives. 

What does a typical day for you look like?

Honestly, every day is so different! Ideally, I start every morning with a little bit of movement (stretching or pilates), lemon water and a few minutes of quiet. I can't live without breakfast so I make something at home and have a coffee with adaptogens to make sure I'm getting the energy and system support I need. I usually spend a couple hours in the morning catching up on email or working on projects and have meetings in the afternoon. As an entrepreneur, I've learned to be pretty protective of my schedule. I carve out time for work or it doesn't get done! I love going to spaces like Make Lemonade or Tokyo Smoke to get out of my house and work with intention. I make time for my own meditation practice in the afternoon and take time then to read or prepare usually lead a meditation at one of our drop-in classes. Working out hasn't been a priorty but I'm trying to bring it back. I make an effort to walk everywhere and I can't wait for spring to actually start so I can get my bike out again. 

What is the best way for someone who has little experience with meditation to get started?

Like so many things in life you just have to start! Try sitting for 10 minutes a day, using a guided meditation from one of the amazing apps on the market or music. Make a commitment to do it for a week and see how you feel. A guided meditation class can be really helpful as an instructor will guide your experience, plus you can ask any questions and get advice on how to sit. 

How do you stay grounded when you are feeling the pressure from your business and life in general?

I have a lot of amazing people in my life who support me by listening and collaborating. I turn to them when things get crazy to help put it in perspective. I give myself permission to feel the pressure because it is real, and ignoring that just makes it worse. I try to go back to the practices that led me here: movement and meditation. Both are so important so I can show up as my best self in all situations.

Any advice you would give to a new creative entrepreneur/business owner?

In every moment you are making the best choice you can for your business with the information you have available. Trust your gut. Be realistic about what you can achieve and where you need to call in an expert. There's nothing wrong with asking for help.