Golden Ticket Candy

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Today we are chatting with our favourite local candy maker, Katie Reed. She is the owner of Golden Ticket Candy, a brand we proudly support!
(p.s. when you attend one of our workshops, you will receive a delicious treat from Golden Ticket!)

What inspired you to start Golden Ticket?

I was inspired to start Golden Ticket by a craving.  A craving for something sweet; a soft, creamy, buttery caramel, to be exact.  Then I started thinking about candy, a lifelong love of mine, and realized that most of it is full of refined sugars, preservatives, and chemical additives, and that most caramels and candies are not made locally.  So I decided to experiment on my own and develop some delicious recipes using good, simple ingredients to satisfy my sweet tooth without all those unsavoury components. 

Your flavour combinations are so delicious! Is there any particular combo you are loving right now? Can you give us any sneak peeks at anything new in the works?

My favourite at the moment is the pretzel caramel.  It's a simple variation on the original sea salt caramel that also has that crunchy, salty tastiness on top of the sweet caramel, a perfect combination! Right now I'm recipe testing a new flavour for spring that features lavender, as well as experimenting on a vegan caramel, annnd a few other things... stay tuned!

Is this the first business you have owned? What did you do before Golden Ticket?

Golden Ticket is the third business I've owned.  I became self-employed in 2009 when I opened Sole Survivor as a cobbler, running it until 2014.  In 2015, I opened Seesaw Café, a café and community space featuring my own wood creations as well as the works of other local makers, which I ran until 2017.  In January of this year I began Golden Ticket in the hopes of providing simple and delicious locally-made candy to the masses!

What has surprised you most about owning a business?

What has surprised me most about owning a business is not the incredible amount of work involved, but the fact that that can be so rewarding in itself.  When you have an idea and put in all the work to make it become a reality, you see yourself and those around you as players in a really big and inspiring community.  Watching my friends and peers succeed in being entrepreneurs of all kinds, and knowing the amount of drive and dedication it takes, really pushes me to do all I can to stay true to myself and my vision.  Owning a business gives me a broader perspective on life and makes me so proud to do what I do. 

What would you do on a perfect day in Toronto?

Toronto, to me, is about neighbourhoods, food, parks, music, friends and family.  My perfect day would be unplanned; my idea of fun is exploring and letting life happen as it will.  That being said, it would definitely start with coffee and my sweet daughter's smile.  Maybe a picnic(a California sandwich?!) with friends down at the water, checking out a festival, going for a bike ride, running into people I didn't expect to see, strolling through the market and buying some fresh food, then making a meal with it and sharing with people I love.