Beginner Weaving

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Beginner Weaving


Please note: To purchase tickets for this workshop, head to Roving Textiles shop, here.

SAT JUNE 23rd 12PM-4PM

Assembly is thrilled to be hosting Roving Textiles and their Beginners' Weaving workshop.

In this 4 hour guided class you will learn basic techniques, patterns and tricks to begin your first weave. There will be physical examples and books for you to flip through to evoke some inspiration and to see a finished product. This isn’t enough time to complete your piece, but by the end of the class you will feel comfortable weaving at home.

This kit includes all tools necessary to create your wall hanging. Loom and tools are handcrafted locally by Roving Textiles, $100 value.

This kit includes:

1 x Loom

1 x Shuttle

1 x Shed Stick

1 x Weaving/Pick Comb

1 x Cotton Warp

1 x Tapestry Needle

1 x Weaving 101


Enough wool to finish your project

* wool is provided for the class

For more details, and to purchase tickets, click here.

Your Instructor

Hello, my name is Michelle. While living in Australia, an Astrologer told me that I would be moving across the world where I would then find my passion work and make a living of it. Crazy right?
Five years later after moving back to Canada, I fell in love with weaving on a trip to Mexico. The bright colours and the use of yarn sparked something in me. I wanted to learn asap, but I couldn’t find any workshops anywhere near me.
So, after picking up my first loom that came from the other side of the world, I taught myself how to weave. Family and friends began to ask me to teach them too! Then friends of friends wanted to learn and through the grape vine strangers were asking. We also didn’t have any looms made in Canada, so I asked my super talented Dad to make me a loom. And that is the beginning of it all. Now I teach workshops all over Ontario, Canada and my Dad is creating gorgeous looms that are being used around the world!

All my work is handmade and one of a kind. The materials used are mainly natural wool, handspun and hand dyed colours. Each piece is inspired by my daily surroundings and moods. I enjoy creating custom pieces and challenging myself and my creativity.

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