Tarot 101 | A Beginners' Class

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Tarot 101 | A Beginners' Class



Are you an aspiring tarot reader, but struggle to connect with the cards?

Tarot is a beautiful tool that can help us enhance our intuition and guide us through daily life. Yet learning it can feel stressful, overwhelming, and complicated.  There are lot of resources out there on tarot, but some of them use convoluted language that keep the meanings of the cards more mysterious than they already are. And because tarot is such an old system, many of its traditional interpretations are disconnected from our modern-day experiences.

But don't let that stop you. Sure, learning tarot can be intimidating, but this Tarot for Beginners workshop is your opportunity to strengthen your connection to the cards from both an intuitive and educational foundation.

This class is focused on helping you learn how to develop your intuition and trust yourself when using tarot. Whether you have just picked up your first deck, or have been working with tarot on your own already, this workshop is designed to help you take the next step in your tarot journey.

In this 2.5-hour class, you will learn:

 - An overview of the history of tarot, with an emphasis on myths and misconceptions that every reader needs to be aware of;

-How an old system like tarot can be translated to modern times;

-How to create a personal connection to your tarot deck, and strengthen your relationship with your cards;

-How to give a great tarot reading using just one card

What to bring:

-A tarot deck

-A pen and notebook, or other writing materials to take notes

This is a friendly, supportive environment, where participants will have the opportunity to also learn and share their experiences with each other.

At the end of the class, you will also be given some take-home tips that you can practice with to help enhance your tarot skills.

Your Instructor

Liz Worth is a Toronto-based astrologer and tarot reader. She helps people understand how we can use
astrology at a personal level to make significant changes in our own lives. Liz often works with the
energies of the Moon to help individuals build better trust in themselves and strengthen their intuition.
Learn more at lizworth.com

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